Spray Booths

RDM Engineering is the one of the World's Largest Manufacturer of Paint Spraybooths. Our Paint & Powder Coating Division offers a full service from supply of a simple spraybooth to a Fully Automated Paint Line.

RDM Engineering Dryfilter Spray Booths

Dry Filter Spray Booths

Dryfilter booths are designed to remove fumes from industrial environments such as paint spray shops, ensuring healthy and suitable working conditions and compliance with inspectorate requirements. Special paper filters are used to which any sticky particles adhere, allowing a large volume of fume laden air to be extracted from the area.

RDM Engineering Water Wash Booth

Water Wash Spray Booths

Waterwash booths are designed to remove high levels of toxic fumes from spray shops and other industrial environments, ensuring healthy and suitable working conditions, and compliance with inspectorate requirements. They are ideal for Powder Coating Applications and are most suited to high volume users.

RDM Engineering Enclosed Spray Rooms

Enclosed Spray Rooms

These enclosures offer the ideal controlled environment for your finishing, curing or drying requirements and prevent these processes contaminating other areas.They can be designed to provide differing degrees of cleanliness, heating systems or air conditioning when required.

RDM Engineering Powder Coating Spray Booth

Powder Coating Booths

Our traditional Powder Coating Booths are most usual on conveyorised Powder Plants, the Cyclone and Afterfilter extraction is well suited to Powder reclamation and the Booths are available in any size to suit the product.

RDM Engineering Pod Booth Spray Booths


The newly updated RDM PODBOOTH range of Cartridge Style Powder Coating Booths, offers an excellent and compact alternative to more traditional Powder Coating Booths which often require separate Cyclone and Filter Modules.