Pre Treatment Systems

Before a Paint finish can be successfully applied, the surface of the item to be painted should be clean and meticulously free from any type of oil or grease contamination. We have a range of Pre Treatment Systems, explore each product below:

To remove contamination from the product it is usual for metal products to be ‘Pre-Treated’ prior to either a Paint or a Powder coating being applied. ‘Pre-treatment’ has additional importance when Powder Coatings are to be applied to a product. Efficient Gas Burners firing into immersion tubes usually provide the heating source

Because Powder coatings exhibit higher cohesion properties and lower adhesion properties than Wet paints, the coating tends to be tougher than with Wet Paint systems but its adhesion to the product tends to be lower. Ideally therefore the metal surface should be prepared chemically so that it presents an ideal ‘key’ for the powder to successfully adhere.

The RDM Aqueous Combined Degrease/Phosphate Plants are ideally suited to ‘Pre Treating’ metal products, with the degrease chemicals removing any oils and the phosphate chemical providing the chemical reaction to provide an ideal surface key.

RDM Engineering Box Washer Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

In Line Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

The vast majority of contemporary RDM Pre-treatment systems utilise the In Line system. The product is hung from a motorised conveyer which conveys it through typically a large robust Tunnel arrangement. The Tunnel comprises of a series of zones or Stages each with a different function.

RDM Engineering Dip Tank Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

Dip Tank Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

We also build a full range of Dip Plants to suit both Solvent and Non-Solvent Cleaning, Dip Plants are usually built from Hi-Grade Stainless Steel.

RDM Engineering Powder Coating

Box Washers Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

RDM Box Washers are a space efficient way to clean and treat a batch of items ‘off line’ without the length required for an in line pretreatment or the footprint of a dip tank layout. RDM Boxwashers are available in a range of custom built sizes to suit Customer requirements.