Used Machinery

RDM are also able to offer top quality USED EQUIPMENT, all backed by a comprehensive warranty. We usually only offer RDM manufactured plant, but also supply used equipment by other reputable. manufacturers. We are happy to consider part exchange to Customers purchasing new plant.

As NEW Electric Box Oven Serial No. 64487

This Oven is from our 'premium' range, for very high grade applications.


  • RDM 'Modulair' Forced Fan Air Recirculation type Electric Box Oven.
  • Virtually As New.. Serial No. 64487
  • Heating is via 3 phase wire wound plug type electric element pack. Total heater rating 24.0kW/hour
  • The Oven is adjustable between 50 centigrade and 235 centigrade.
  • This Oven includes our Cruzeheat option. This is ideal for applications requiring superb temperature stability.
  • Internal useable dimensions, 1.2 metres long, 1.2 metres wide, 1.2 metres high. The Oven is of double skinned galvanised steel construction with a 100mm thick 'Rockwool' insulation filling.
  • Entry by fully insulated door providing a clear aperture size of 1.2 metres wide x 1.2 metres tall.
  • The Control system comprises a fully comprehensive Control Panel
  • RDM Model No. Mercury 2

£ 7,450.00 installed*, offering a huge saving of over £6,000 from new!! Warranty is 12 months.

Complete In-Line Powder Coating Plant Serial No. 46643 In great condition !

The products enter and exit the Plant via two silhouette apertures, one at each end of the Plant. These form openings nominally 1.2 metres wide x 2.2 metres high. Typical speed 2.0 metres/minute. Manufactured by RDM in 2007 and fully serviced by us from new.


  • ITEM 1 - RDM 'Conveyorised' Three Stage Spray Iron Phosphate & Degrease Tunnel. Gas Fired Nominal Dimensions: Overall length - 23.0 Metres, Overall height - 3.5 Metres, Overall width - 2.0 Metres.
  • ITEM 2 - RDM 'Modulair' Forced Fan Air Recirculation type DRYING Tunnel Oven. Internal useable dimensions 15.0 metres long, 2.0 metres wide, and 2.8 metres high.
  • ITEM 3 - RDM 'Modulair' forced fan air recirculation type SINGLE PASS CURING Tunnel Oven. Internal useable dimensions, 30.0 metres long, 1.4 metres wide, 2.8 metres high
  • ITEM 4 - ONE NEW RDM ' ON LINE ' POWDER BOOTH and RECOVERY SYSTEM. Plus: One RDM Cyclone and Afterfilter.
  • ITEM 5 - Motorised overhead conveyor system. Model SG Sidetrack Type
  • The conveyor is set at a nominal height of approximately 3.0 metres from floor to centre line of chain.
  • The normal track speed to be variable from 1.5 to 3.0 metres/minute.

TOTAL PRICE (excludes dismantling and re-installing): £34,998 New Price was over £290,000. Warranty is 3 months.

Please note:

That these prices exclude for Delivery, off loading or locating on site (for which purpose a Fork Lift Truck may be required) or Installation, but we would be pleased to quote for these items upon request.

Where we include installation, the price includes assembly of the equipment on a suitable, smooth, level and clear Site, the supply and fitting of Ductwork to suit a roof height of up to 6 metres. We include for partial Electrical interwiring from the locally mounted Control Panel up to the Motors, Burners/Heaters, Probes and Pressure Switches etc. Wiring is to Current IEE Standards. The price includes commissioning, testing and providing Certification of Performance. Please note our specific exclusions with regard to builders works and service connections (details on request).

All Prices are Nett, In GB Pounds, V.A.T. charged extra as applicable.

We are pleased to quote for overseas Installation.

All plant is sold strictly subject to availability.