Waterwash Booths

Waterwash booths are designed to remove high levels of toxic fumes from spray shops and other industrial environments, ensuring healthy and suitable working conditions, and compliance with inspectorate requirements. They are ideal for Powder Coating Applications


  • High Volume Manual paint spraying
  • Automatic paint spraying
  • Polishing/Finishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Two pack/isocyanate spraying
  • Dust Extraction
  • Fume Extraction
  • Air Replacement


  • No replaceable filters
  • Complies with all current safety recommendations and requirements.
  • All modular construction
  • Stainless steel water curtains.
  • Heavy duty pump set.
  • Belt driven fans with external motors – flameproof or totally enclosed.

Fans are of the belt driven axial flow type with polypropylene impellors. Bearings are watertight sealed and the belt tunnel is sealed from the airstream. External motors sit on large adjustable plates. Fan cases have integral access doors.

RDM Engineering Waterwash Spray Booths
RDM Engineering Waterwash Spray Booths

Pump is a heavy duty self priming centrifugal pump alongside the water tank with steel delivery pipes and flexible inlet connection, typical circulation rate 850 litres per minute.

Water Scrubb System A manifold runs across the full length of the wash tower. Three brass spray nozzles per metre length feed from the manifold. Nominal spray pressure of 20PSI. One riser pipe per metre section with a brass gate valve supplies water to troughs at the top of the water curtain.

RDM Engineering Waterwash Spray Booths
RDM Engineering Water Wash Waste Water System

Water Recovery extracted water laden air strikes a minimum of six angled, oversized baffle plates which trap any airborne water particles. The air is then caused to turn sharply into the plenum chamber to centrifugally remove any remaining moisture.

Water Tank Of first quality 14 SWG galvanised steel modular sections. The assembled tank incorporates a separate small weir tank housing a ball-cock filler as well as a removable perforated steel water filter for the pump inlet. Tank capacity 350 litres per metre length

RDM Engineering Water Wash Water Tank
RDM Engineering Water Wash Construction

Construction is a galvanised steel modular bolted panelwork system double folded for stiffness. Double strength Modular galvanised water tank.All bolts are bright zinc plated.

Lighting (When supplied) Special panels for roof, or sides carry a rough cast wired glass insert. Glass sits on a ribbonseal strip. Illumination is provided by ULTRA WHITE twin LED lights usually 1500mm long, complete with a reflector. Side lights are mounted on heavy duty steel hinges.

RDM Engineering Water Wash Lighting
RDM Engineering Water Wash Control Gear

Chemicals Booths supplied as standard with a pack of spraybooth additive. Liquid or powder chemicals are available to suit specific applications.

Control Gear push button starters, with thermal overload for each motor.

Motors 3 phase – 415 volts – 50 Hz as standard, Available IP54, IP55 or fully flameproof. ( other voltages to order )

Fanchek5. To ensure the fans are running prior to spraying commencing, FANCHEK5 senses the fans are running and enables the compressed air.