Powder Coating Booths

RDM uniquely offers and manufactures three entirely different types of Booths in which Powder Coating can be carried out. Each offers its own benefits and suits particular users.

RDM Engineering Water Wash Booth

Waterwash Booths

Our most popular solution for Powder Coating is our AQUAEX Waterwash Booth, this offers low cost, full compliance,, excellent safety and extraction, low running costs and can be used for wet paint, if required. However, powder reclamation isn’t possible. The system suits batch production and users who very often change colours

RDM Engineering Pod Spray Booths-1


Our next solution for Powder Coating is our PODBOOTH Cartridge Pulse type Booth, this offers very compact design, simple maintenance, low running costs and the possibility of Powder reclamation, particularly if only one colour is used. Wet paint cannot be used. The system suits high volume users who either don’t want to reclaim powder or reclaim a single colour.

RDM Engineering Powder Coating Spray Booth


Our solution for high volume production and conveyorised systems is our CYCLONE/AFTERFILTER type Powder Booths, offering full Powder recovery and suited to conveyorisation and full automation. Wet Paint cannot be used.