Enclosed Spray Rooms

These enclosures offer the ideal controlled environment for your finishing, curing or drying requirements and prevent these processes contaminating other areas. They can be designed to provide differing degrees of cleanliness, heating systems or air conditioning when required.

These rooms can be used for various functions, most commonly they are supplied for PAINT SPRAYING, DRYING, PAINT MIXING or PREPARATION WORK

For Paint Spraying a Spraybooth extraction system can be incorporated, using one of our Dry or Waterwash Systems.

For Drying and Paint Mixing a simpler fan extraction system is fitted.

We can supply full air handling systems to provide pressurised, filtered and heated air. Cooling systems and humidification are also possible.

For higher temperatures and Paint Baking, we offer a fully automatic air recirculation system.

Several rooms with different facilities can be interconnected to provide a ‘suite’ for preparation, finishing, drying and curing.

Our modular steel construction is available, either single skinned or fully insulated with either galvanised, stainless or painted steel surface finishes.

Heating can be by Gas, Electric, Oil or Steam. Fully digital temperature and motor control systems are included.

Swing, sliding, roller shutter or pneumatic powered doors are available as standard


  • Full 12 months warranty
  • Substantial steel construction with sectional support steelwork
  • Fully Modular Design
  • ULTRA WHITE LED light fittings
  • Digital programmable temperature controllers
  • Electronic overtemperature device
  • All manufactured by RDM in England
Enclosed Spray Room Dryer