About Us

After almost 70 years serving industry, RDM firmly believe that only by offering a creative, imaginative approach to the requirements and problems of our many customers can we provide systems and solutions that will provide efficiency, reliability, value and quality. Our success is testament to this approach.

Although to reduce manufacturing and design costs, many of our systems and machines are an assembly of standardised “modular” components, brought together utilising the very latest computer-aided techniques, we do however take a fresh and we believe creative approach to whatever the production, processing or Health and Safety problems that each of our clients asks us to solve.

With over 60 years of experience to draw on and a wealth of younger, enthusiastic design people working together as a team we look at each individual contract carefully and thoughtfully. Very often we can provide simple and elegant design solutions that reflect the imagination, creativity and commitment of our team.

Our design team work closely with the manufacturing division to ensure that from the initial design of your requirements through to installation and commissioning, you can rest assured that what you ordered is exactly what you get.

Our behind-the-scenes staff work closely with our Customers to ensure you get the level of service you expect from a family business with over 60 years of experience.

RDM Engineering is the country’s largest Designer, Manufacturer and Installer of Spraybooths, Industrial Ovens and Powder Coating and Finishing Plants.

RDM is also the Worlds Largest Manufacturer of D.C. Injection Motor Braking Systems. Our range includes machine guarding systems.

Senior Team Members

Selwyn Horwich, Company Founder at RDM Engineering

Selwyn Horwich

Company Founder
Robert Horwich, Managing Director at RDM Engineering

Robert Horwich

Managing Director
Steve Jamieson, Engineering Manager at RDM Engineering

Steve Jamieson

Engineering Manager
Stuart Bartlett, Works Manager at RDM Engineering

Stuart Bartlett

Works Manager

Senior & Safety Division Management

Danny Mitchell, Installations Manager at RDM Engineering

Danny Mitchell

Installations Manager
David Horsfield , Safety Systems and Training Services Manager at RDM Engineering

David Horsfield

Safety Systems and Training Services Manager
Peter Woodworth, Electrical Manager at RDM Engineering

Peter Woodworth

Electrical Manager
Barry Shaw, Projects Engineer at RDM Engineering

Barry Shaw

Projects Engineer

Design Team

Tim Westfield, Senior Engineer at RDM Engineering

Tim Westfield

Senior Engineer
Alan Jones , Design Engineer at RDM Engineering

Alan Jones

Design Engineer
Paul Oliver, Production Designer at RDM Engineering

Paul Oliver

Production Designer
Max Nobbs , Senior Designer at RDM Engineering

Max Nobbs

Senior Designer

Production Management

Steve Henthorn, CNC Foreman at RDM Engineering

Steve Henthorn

CNC Foreman

Service and Spares Department Leaders

Mike Martin, Parts Manager at RDM Engineering

Mike Martin

Parts Manager
Keith, Installation Expert at RDM Engineering


Installation Expert

Service Engineering

Chris Dawson, Commissioning Manager, Systems Expert. at RDM Engineering

Chris Dawson

Commissioning Manager, Systems Expert.
Keith Girling, Systems Engineer & Pneumatics Specialist at RDM Engineering

Keith Girling

Systems Engineer & Pneumatics Specialist
Terry Ellison, Commissioning Engineer & Gas Specialist at RDM Engineering

Terry Ellison

Commissioning Engineer & Gas Specialist
Omar Chaudhry, Commissioning Engineer and Burner Expert at RDM Engineering

Omar Chaudhry

Commissioning Engineer and Burner Expert

Accounts and Administration Managers

Sandra, Sales Admin at RDM Engineering


Sales Admin
Cath, Office Manager at RDM Engineering


Office Manager