Industrial Ovens

RDM ovens are produced using a modular design concept. The ovens are constructed utilising standardised modules, panels and components. Unusual sizes or standard models can be simply produced at a competitive price. A computer-assisted design technique optimises the componentry required for any oven layout.

Fully Bolted Construction

All of the oven panel work is bolted together during the final assembly. For this reason the oven can, if required, be delivered ‘Flat-Packed’ for easy positioning on site. Furthermore, future modifications to the ovens size or site removals are simplified.

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
RDM Engineering Industrial Oven

Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Construction

RDM Ovens are manufactured of Double Skin Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel or Aludip Materials filled with high grade, high density Rockwool Insulation. A powedr coated exterior coloured finish is availalbe as an option.

Explosion Relief System 

The majority of the oven roof area comprises of special panel work which is specifically designed to disintegrate and vent off to atmosphere should an explosion occur within the oven. This system far exceeds the recommended requirements under British and C.E. legislation.

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven heat distrubution

Excellent Heat Distribution

A good distribution of heat is vital for successful process oven design. Indeed, RDM ovens are often specified in the most critical aerospace applications requiring superb temperature profile stability. To ensure good performance, all RDM ovens incorporate medium pressure multi-vane centrifugal fans complete with scroll casing to provide a positive and well controlled air movement. This is usually at least four complete air recycles per minute. Large ductwork ensures that the high air volume will not disturb the product. 

Heater Box and Recirculation Fans

The Oven’s heat exchanger enclosure incorporates integrated, internal, plug type centrifugal air recirculation fans with external motors. With this design, none of the hot fan components are in any way exposed to colder air. Not only does this design offer a clean and smooth appearance to the Oven, but also heat losses from the Fans are virtually eliminated. Furthermore, a fully insulated heater box prevents radiated heat from being projected into the Oven in any uncontrolled manner, as would be the case if the Oven’s interior were not properly isolated from the heater box. 

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
RDM Engineering Industrial Oven

Door Safety System

RDM Box Ovens incorporate an internal safety door handle to prevent operator entrapment. On ovens with vertical powered lift type doors, we incorporate, a geared brake motor, a secondary shaft brake, twin lifting chains and an internal door wire pull switch. All RDM Ovens with powered doors are fitted with independent emergency ‘kick out’ Panel(s). 

Cool Exterior Surfaces

Great care has been taken in the design and construction of RDM Ovens to minimise heat transfer through the walls and doors. For example, the inner and outer skins are connected by narrow strips of steel and Oven doors are mounted to the Oven faces with external door frames. On Tunnel type Ovens, a minimum amount of Duct work is mounted to the internal walls.

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven air seal system

Air Seal System

Efficient air seals are crucial to efficient Tunnel Oven design. The Air Seals minimise the otherwise inevitable heat losses that would be generated by the apertures that must allow the product to enter and exit conveyorised Ovens. The superb RDM ‘Airsurround’ system has been continuously improved and upgraded on the basis of more than 10 years of on site experience with this industry standard design. In simple terms, hot air is drawn off, just before escaping the Oven by an oversized, slow running multi vane fan system which is plugged into a multi-chamber air box above the apertures. This air is then blown back into the Oven by carefully designed duct nozzles, a short way behind the apertures. The air is blown back all around the product at high volume and low velocity to prevent 

Fume Exhaust System

RDM Ovens incorporate a powerful and positive, fan assisted, fume and solvent evaporation and exhaust duct system as standard. The exhaust system never relies merely on convection evaporation and it can be adjusted to suit different applications. 

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven air/fuel ratio system

Constant Air/Fuel Ratio

To ensure superb oven efficiency at all temperatures, all RDM gas fired ovens now incorporate this recently available feature. The output from an Oven Burner must vary constantly to suit the heat load or to allow warming up. This feature ensures that the combustion air volume is automatically adjusted and balanced to the gas consumption by an electronic damper motor.

Electronic Over Temperature Protection

As a totally independent module to the master oven control system, RDM Ovens also incorporate a thermal sensor mounted within the air heater box, this sensor is connected to an independent electronic temperature controller mounted inside the control panel. In the unlikely event that the heater box temperature should exceed the Oven’s design parameters, the heaters are shut down and the Oven automatically switches to fast cool down mode. 

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven electronic fan and and pressure system

Electronic Fan and Pressure Protection

Sensors constantly monitor recirculation fan performance. If for any reason the recirculation fans are not drawing a sufficient air volume or air pressure, the heaters are shut down. If the fans should become electrically overloaded, the entire oven is immediately shut down. 

Purge and Cool Timers

To ensure a safe start up and shut down sequence, all RDM Ovens include an electronic sequence control system. This system ensures that the heater(s) will only switch on once the fans have safely evacuated any solvent or gas fumes that may have accumulated. At the end of a shift, a simple press button initiates the controlled shut down cooling sequence, allowing the fans to cool the heaters properly prior to shutting down fully.

RDM Engineering Industrial Oven

Choice Of Fuel Source

RDM’s experience enables us to offer the most varied fuel sources possible. In direct heated ovens the burner fires directly into the recirculating hot air within an insulated heater Chamber. With Indirect gas or fuel oil the burner fires into a semi-sealed stainless steel heat exchanger over which the recirculating hot air passes. We also offer electric or steam heated exchangers. Here again the elements are plugged into the insulated Heater chamber and the recirculating hot air is positively passed over the heat source to prevent heat stratification.

Power Door Option

RDM Box Ovens are available with swing doors, sliding doors or a choice of powered doors, including electric power lift and pneumatic dual ram doors with dual safety anti drop systems.

Industrial Oven power door option