Box washer pre-treatment cleaning plant

RDM engineering manufacture a range of ‘Box Washers’. These are multi stage pre-treatment machines that do not require the product to be moved whilst being treated.

RDM Box Washers are a premium product, ideal in situations where an in line pre-treatment would simply be too long or a dip tank set-up would require too much space.

Parts are either placed into the machine manually or by conveyor, the doors are shut and the parts, cleaned and pre-treated by the appropriate chemicals and rinses, all operating in an automated, controlled sequence.

Once the cleaning is completed, any remaining fumes or steam are removed and the doors open.

Box Washers offer excellent cleaning performance due to the high liquid spraying pressures and use of hot chemicals.

RDM Box Washers have a very compact footprint and very low energy costs when compared to other equivalent methods.

Our Box Washers can be supplied to suit any number of chemical cleaning stages and types of chemicals and phosphates.

RDM Engineering Box Washer Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant


  • Multiple holding tanks in the base of the plant hold the various chemicals and rinses.
  • Our sophisticated and simple to use sequence controller automatically selects the appropriate chemical for each stage of the cleaning process and engages the appropriate pump or valve.
  • The chemical returns to the appropriate holding tank via our patented oversized pneumatic poppet valves ensuring swift drainage and very low maintenance.
  • Steam fan(s) ensure that the operator is not exposed to vapours when the doors are opened.
  • Doors are available as manual or powered as required.
  • Heating of the chemicals can be either electric, gas or oil, as preferred.

Standard specification includes:

  • Stainless steel tanks and upper housings.
  • Heavy duty centrifugal pumps.
  • Snap in easy to replace nozzles.
  • Digital temperature control and low level protection.
  • Automatic sequence control panel with full safety interlocks.
  • Automatic steam exhaust system activates at end of cycle.
  • Immersed electric elements or gas firing tube for heating with low level sensing.
  • Combined warm air drying option available.
RDM Engineering Box Washer Pre-Treatment Cleaning Plant

All of these machines are designed and manufactured by RDM in our factory in England.