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These enclosures
offer the ideal controlled environment for your finishing, curing or drying requirements and prevent these processes contaminating other areas.
They can be designed to provide differing degrees of cleanliness, heating systems or air conditioning when required.

Room incorporating waterwash extraction Multi Room

A spraybooth extraction system can be incorporated for paint spraying applications or a simpler extractor can be fitted when used as a drying enclosure.

A fully automatic air recirculation system can be incorporated for the higher temperature applications. Several rooms with different facilities can be interconnected to provide a 'suite' for preparation, finishing, drying and curing.

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Typical Downdraught Spray/Drying Room System

Typical Suite of Spray/Drying Room

Typical Compact Sprayroom with End Extraction

Typical Pressurised and Heated Room Air Replacement System

SprayroomExternal view of an RDM Sprayroom

Standard Options
Choice of Dryfilter or Waterwash extraction systems.
Side wall extraction or downdraught air flow system with
gridded floor.

Single skinned or double skinned insulated steel manufacture.
Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Painted surface finishes.
Filtered 'shop air' inlet system or pressurised air replenishment or fully integrated heated air replacement system with controls.
Gas, electric, oil or steam heating mediums, direct or indirect.
Air conditioning system with cooling and humidity controls.
Roller or Sliding shutter door or swing doors.
Various light fittings and window systems

Internal view of an RDM Sprayroom

Standard Features
Full 12 months warranty
Substantial 18swg/16swg steel construction with sectional support steelwork suitably stiffened to allow maintenance operatives to stand on top.
Twin LED light fittings mounted behind glass insert panels located on a sealant bead.

Heated Sprayroom

Air input filters sit in hinged steel mesh retaining frames and are of the roll type to reduce replacement costs. Air input systems are lined with sound deadening materials. All fuel heated plants conform to British Standards.
Heated plants are complete with full control panel system. C.E. Approved

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Drying RoomMuliple RoomsClean Room

Typical Control System
Digital programmable temperature controller.
Electronic overtemperature device.
All gas controls to safety standards.
Pre-start purge and cool timers.
Motor controls and interlocks.
Air flow proving switch(es).
Isolator and line fuses.
Status indicator lamps.
Chart recorder (optional).
Process timer with alarm (optional).

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Ford Motor Co Ltd
Royal Ordnance Plc
British Aerospace Plc
Kodak Ltd
Voith Sulzer Papertech Ltd
Howden Plc
Sonneborn & Rieck Ltd
Marshalls Plc
Fairey Hydraulics Ltd
Trafalgar House

Trinity House
Senator Furniture Ltd
B & W Loudspeakers Ltd
Tannoy Ltd
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
Brush Electrical Machines Ltd
Stancraft Ltd
Jaguar Cars
Remploy Ltd Stanton Plc
Hutchinson (UK) Ltd

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